I am using Content Profile Module and Event Module to make modules and user profile nodes.
I want to have a main page that automatically gives a custom view of events for each user.

When registering the user needs to give the region where he is living. When the users hasn't filled in the complete user profile the home page will display the most recent events in that region.

But when the user fills in more fields in the user profile the view changes. Giving each field in the Content Profile a value. The most recent events will then be displayed but having the most values ( So the most recent events will be displayed, taking into account the interests of the user.)

So if for example I have a field " Price", and the user fills in that he likes events for a price between 5 and 10 euro. The view on the home page will then be the most recent events between 5 and 10 euro in his region. So actually its like a match maker.

I don't really have experience in drupal so i was wondering if their might be modules that already fit my needs, or how that i should start creating my own module. Or can this be done only by using Views ? I use Drupal 6 atm.

Kind regards