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A good place to start looking at field display settings are nodes. At the page for overviewing your node types (Structure, Content types) are links named Manage display. They lead to a page where you configure how the fields for the selected node type should be displayed. (See figure 8.1)

On that page you will find each entity field in the node type, along with settings for how the field content and field label should be displayed. You may change these settings in the following ways.

  • You may change the order of the fields by clicking and dragging their sorting arrows.
  • Labels can be set to be displayed above the field, inline with the field content, or not at all.
  • The format setting dictates how the field content itself should be displayed. Which formats are available depends on the field types and widgets. For example, texts may be displayed in full or trimmed version, term references could be links or plain text, and files can be displayed with file names or full URLs. Some fields and widgets, such as images, have further settings you can access by a gear button on the field's row on the page.
  • All fields can have the <hidden> format, meaning that they aren't displayed at all. Hidden fields are moved to the bottom of the list and marked as disabled.

Figure 8.1: The field display settings for articles allow you to select which fields should be displayed and how.

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