Hello, i'm using the dev version just to use the [term:parents:join-path] token.
My default pattern for taxonomy terms, this way, is: [term:parents:join-path]/[term:i18n-name]
I need this in order to build hierarchical paths since i have nested terms in some vocabularies.
Something really surprising is happening, anyway, the bulk update for the the taxonomy terms works without errors but the aliases are not being correctly generated.
It seems that the token is working only for the localized terms with the active language in the interface.
So, i have italian and french terms, when i generate the aliases form the italian interface ( normal setting with the language prefix based negotiation ) i get the correct paths for the italian terms while the french ones do not contain any of the parent's term paths.
While switching languages do exactly the opposite even though i made only one test about this.
I thought it could depend on the UI so i patched pathauto as suggested here: http://drupal.org/node/867578 in order to use drush to do the bulk update.
I ran the drush command but it gave me the same output described before, italian terms ( italian is the default language, i don't know if this could be relevant ) have the correct alias while the french ones have only the term name without any parent's path.


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i can confirm that, and i think i know why. i guess only tokens defined in i18n_taxonomy.tokens.inc are avaliable
that beeing:


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you would need to ad that token. i did that in a module of mine

take a look at the *.tokens.inc inside the module folder

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Thank you e-anima, your module works and finally got my localized taxonomy terms work with pathauto/tokens...

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Closing this issue as it's working now.