Unfortunately drupal.org distribution packaging is currently broken for recruiter (see #1570660: Recruiter beta6 distribution build is broken), so here is a copy of the 1.0-beta6 release notes:

After a long time we are proud to roll another recruiter beta release. Hopefully this is the last beta we need before a release candidate in June 2012.

Full download

Upgrading from 1.0-beta4

Warning: Recruiter has been under heavy development in recent months. This release is very different from beta4 and might break your site. Do not upgrade production sites without prior testing!

Major configuration changes

  • Search Facets: Recruiter now uses the Facet API for searching.
  • Role export: User roles now have machine names and the role ids have changed. If you have any custom configuration (rules, ctools, views etc.) that relies on role ids you need to manually update that.
  • Fields: Some fields on jobs and resumes have changed, other new fields have been introduced. There is no automatic data migration for any of the field changes, it depends on your use case what content you have in that fields. Old fields will not be deleted automatically, so you will see duplicated fields after the upgrade (e.g. field_job_employment and field_job_experience have been deprecated in favor of taxonomy term reference fields).

Before upgrading please disable the deprecated search_api_facets module and the recruiter modules that depend on it.

drush dis search_api_facets

Then replace your recruiter code base with this release. Run update.php to apply the database changes.
Got to the features overview page (admin/structure/features), re-enable the recruiter features and revert all features. If you have modified any of those in your configurations on purpose you have to carefully inspect the changes that have been made to the configuration items. You can enable the diff module to review overrides. Only revert things that you did not change yourself!

Changes since 7.x-1.0-beta4

  • Moved recruiter feature modules to recruiter_features project
  • Updated SolrPHPClient library version
  • added rules link and field permissions module
  • Reverted SolrPhPClient library version in stable make file.
  • Removed http_client patch, a similar fix was committed in #722886
  • #1079782: Fixed patch for link module
  • Fixed wsclient to use dev version, removed link module patch
  • Fixed colorbox download.
  • Added flag module.
  • Added Mimemail module.
  • Updated Rules link version.
  • Added facetapi module.
  • Added Role export module.
  • Added missing mailsystem module.
  • Removed outdated Rules link patches.
  • Changed restws and role_export modules to be used with their stable versions.
  • Changed download channels for many non-critical modules to stable versions.
  • Added entityreference and pathauto modules.
  • Added views_bulk_operations module, git dev version.
  • Removed unused web service modules that are not used in the Recruiter core profile.
  • added token module
  • Added a branch version to each module in the make file, makes it easier to override the information in other make files.
  • Removed References module, all references should be handled by entityreference.
  • Add context module dependency for job_search facets config
  • Add views handler for flag entity links patch
  • Replaced most git checkouts in the make file with dev tarballs.
  • Fix views handler for flag entity links patch
  • Fixed patch reference for search_api.
  • Removed old search_api patch.
  • Set views and search_api modules to stable versions.
  • Updated term level module to use the dev version.
  • Updated entityreference to stable version.
  • Added employment_type vocabulary taxonomy terms.
  • Added years_of_experience vocabulary taxonomy terms.
  • Updated facet api to the dev version.
  • Switched features module to stable version.
  • Switched autocomplete deluxe to the dev version.
  • Switched facetapi to stable version.
  • Updated Drupal core version core build file.
  • Added drush make file for drupal.org.
  • Added missing projects to drupal.org make file.
  • Replaced stable recruiter make file with the drupal.org make file we are using.
  • Updated the README file.
  • Changed recruiter_features to latest stable version.
  • Added a patch for entity API that wrongly calls hook_options_list().
  • Fixed taxonomy CSV import on installation.
  • Added admin_menu as default admin toolbar.
  • Exchanged logo files.
  • Switched term_level module to stable version and recruiter_features to latest beta.


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