The Announcements module duplicates much of Scheduler's functionality. I'd like to yank all of that out and greatly simplify that module by requiring this one. In order to do this, I need to define the basic content-type settings. I'll be hunting this down, but if you have any pointers or tricks, it could help a lot.


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Hi NancyDru,

Just going back through old issues to tidy up the queue.
Did anything more come of this? I'd be happy to help - just let me know if you still want anything.


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No, I couldn't work it out at the time. Maybe I'll try again soon.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the reply. OK. I'll close this issue now as I'm trying to tidy up and reduce the Scheduler queue. But feel free to re-open if you want to start work on it again. The idea sounded interesting.

Off-topic: I wish the Drupal issue queue had a sensible status for when you need to close a support request like this. None of the existing 'closed ...' reasons fit.