We noticed a few participants struggled to understand what “Sticky at top of lists” means, often resulting in them skipping this piece of functionality. It seems like much of the confusion was around the idea of “Sticky” which did not seem to communicate keeping or putting.

We should consider labeling this functionality differently.


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I don't know if this is straying off topic but I wonder if we should

1. Take sticky at top of list and promoted to front page out of 'Publishing options'. We have enough to worry about with drafting as is.
2. Most of the time after even a small amount of site customization these two options become confusing and useless as they often neither promote to the front page or make an item the top one in a list. It should be possible to exclude them when creating a content type.

In terms of the question at hand there is a issue open here http://drupal.org/node/197460. The suggestion there is to make it "Sticky (stays at top of content lists)". This is better than what we have at the moment. We can probably drop Sticky altogether though. "Stays at top of content lists"?

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+1 on this being confusing. Most sites I've built I have not used this feature, and when I have, it always requires extra explanation.

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maybe "Pin" to top of lists?

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If the functionality remains unchanged, I was thinking along the sames lines as @edward_or and @NWwaterboy: “Always sort at top of content listings”. I rather like ‘pin’ as a verb, since it's concrete and familiar from the Windows taskbar and several other common UIs. “Pin to top of content listings”?

That said, I think there's enough doubt about the usefulness of these features that the label alone is no longer the first order of business. How do these features fit into the average d7 site. Should the feature even be kept? What about 'promoted to front'?

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I think it is a labelling issue and a lot of developers might cringe to realize that they have to build a module to get this core features back - unless this was moved into a content-dependant module.

My suggestion would be something along the lines of: "Pin to top of lists (override default sorting)"

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I appreciate that Bojhan is providing new information based on usability testing, but is this really a different discussion meriting its own thread?

The issue edward_or pointed out has been open for quite some time now:
#197460: Replace "Sticky at top of lists" with a more meaningful equivalent