Undefined variable: add_responsive_meta in maintenance-page.tpl.php

The $add_responsive_meta variable is in maintenance-page.tpl.php, but that was supposed to be replaced with the $default_mobile_metatags variable used in html.tpl.php.


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Turns out that if the Respond.js script is turned off in the theme settings, then the html5 shiv is broken on the maintenance page.

There's also some extra clearfixs. :-p

Basically the maintenance-page is out-of-sync with both the html.tpl.php and the page.tpl.php.

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Title:Undefined variable: add_responsive_meta in maintenance-page.tpl.php» PHP warnings due to maintenance-page.tpl being out-of-sync from html.tpl and page.tpl
Status:Active» Fixed

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.