I have set some paths to not being cached... Cache every page except the listed pages.
for example: /shop
but if I enter into /es/shop (spanish version in multilanguage site) then boost caches and creates the folder es and then a cached html of shop.
I think that if I enter /shop to not being cached that applies to all language versions too..
the manual fix is to add also /es/shop in the list of paths

but this also happens with standard not cached by default pages .. like /user/register... I was having /es/user/register being cached which didn't work because I need not to be cached because it has a captcha.


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What is your multi-lingual setting?
What is the default language, are you using a language fallback?
Are you using globalredirect?

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I have two languages... english as default.. and spanish.
for Language negotiation I'm using "Path prefix only."
default language pages are being excluded from cache nicely... but spanish versions of the pages from the exclusion list are being cached.
I'm using Globalredirect... however.. the option "Language Path Checking" is unchecked.

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have you got that problem solved? my site won't even create that "es" folder. Can you please tell me how you have it generated? Many thanks.