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In Drupal 7, entity_load() returned an array of results, despite its name. For consistency with other load functions, the existing function has now been renamed to entity_load_multiple().

Additionally, a new entity_load() function has been added that does load and return a single entity.


Drupal 7

// Load multiple entities.
$entities = entity_load('entity_type', array(1, 2));
// Load a single entity.
$entities = entity_load('entity_type', array(1));
$entity = reset($entities);

Drupal 8

// Load multiple entities.
$entities = entity_load_multiple('entity_type', array(1, 2));
// Load a single entity.
$entity = entity_load('entity_type', 1);

A simple rename might not be enough: entity_load('entity_type', FALSE) loaded all entities. Use entity_load_multiple('entity_type') instead or entity_load_multiple('entity_type', NULL). Passing FALSE to entity_load_multiple leads to a fatal error.

If the entity type class is known, $EntityTypeClass::load() and loadMultiple() can be used.

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