When uploading to an Amazon S3 storage class, using this module:

  • Smallish files (~6MB): the progress sits at 0% until jumping abruptly to 100% on completion (which takes a copule of minutes on my slow connection).
  • Larger files (~30 MB): the progress jumps to some arbitrary number immediately (23%, 66%, 76%), then stays there until jumping abruptly to 100% on completion (which takes several minutes on my slow connection).

Meanwhile Chrome's status message simply reads "Waiting for [my server name]," and gives the spinning cursor. Seeing this for several minutes, with no apparent progress on the upload, obviously gives the impression that the upload has broken.

Pecl upload progress bar is tested and working fine for uploads to my public files directory (jumps around a little, but will usually advance every couple of seconds or so).


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Any word on this? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Testing this locally with 7.x-1.x I can't replicate it with 1.7 GB file. Next time I am using it on the web I will test with a smaller file.

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I'm having the same issue on the most recent dev version. It looks like it's been a while since this was updated...

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This was an issue on my dev server, but not on my production server, which is why I never dug any deeper...

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Pecl uploadprogress has fallen by the wayside as well. Being that PHP 5.3.x is now EOL I don't see any movement to update uploadprogress for PHP 5.4.x or greater. Also so far I haven't seen the uploadprogress bar not work on S3 with many different files. I'll chalk this up to a fluke.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.