I saw a contrib module implementing hook_page_manager_variant_operations_alter() and realized that page_manager didn't have an API doc yet.
Looking through, I found 5 alter hooks that weren't documented yet.

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I didn't spend any time figuring out what these hooks did yet, but here is a structure for it.

Interesting to note, the clean id setting is not documented or used anywhere, but it gets its own alter.

Setting to CNR in the off chance someone sees it and knows exactly what to write for docs :)

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Okay, I cleaned up the ctools docs. The page manager ones still need work.

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I decided @todo is better than not being there, so I committed it as is. Maybe I'll get enough energy to come back 'round and write some docs, but I wouldn't hold my breath, given how gnarly this queue is.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.