Omega has a Drupal 6 version, but I see no text about what it can/can't do in Drupal 6 in terms of how responsive it is.

I downloaded and installed Omega on both D6 and D7, and enabled the base starter themes.

For D7, in Firefox... I see the layout change when I resize my browser.

For D6, in Firefox... I DO NOT see the layout change when I resize my browser.

Question: Is there another way for me to test D6 to see how responsive it is?

Question: If the D6 version isn't truly responsive, then what does it do?


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I'm not 100% sure, as I don't use the Omega, but I think it's because only the 3.x branch is the responsive one. Meaning that versions 6.1 is NOT responsive, only the Omega 7.3 is.

I've also been searching for a Drupal 6 responsive base theme, but couldn't find one, which saddens me.

I won't be able to upgrade to Drupal 7 for several reasons, so I guess I'll try to adapt a responsive boilerplate like Skeleton to Drupal 6. Actually used it in Drupal 7 and worked a charm.

Hope it helps.

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Since looking at Omega, I've read some basic tutorials on responsive design, and the basic theory is pretty easy. You definitely don't need a module to take care of it for you, especially for a basic site. I have done a from-scratch HTML responsive template but not for D6 yet. I think the only thing that could get in the way is the html doc type being defined in D6 core and what limitation that might bring.

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info about d6 and its features. as far as i am informed there will not be happening heavy development on d6, only major bugs/security will be fixed.

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Hi bmateus,
Did you try adapting skeleton to drupal 6 ? Any Success stories, please share.


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Sorry, sande.

Not yet, sorry. Managed to upgrade to Drupal 7 on the project I needed responsive layouts.

But you can also try the ZEN theme, and then using CSS media-queries to rebuild the page according to the layout.