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This screencast builds off of "Screencast 2 - Flex Recipe Application". It is a detailed walk through of how to use amfphp to connect Flex and Drupal and specifically addresses the issue of using the node.delete service in Flex.

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Does this screencast exist elsewhere? This link is broken. A quick google search for other locations yielded no results.

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I couldn't connect to this either. Does anybody have it saved? We can put it on YouTube or something.

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Same link here but there is a zip file that may have a the actual code.

Frank Carey
Drupal Web Development

Frank Carey

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I just saw that for a module "Block Theme" the developper used Screencast.

1/Where can it be correctly downloaded?

2/ Is it to be installed like a normal module. Can you give some explanations.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

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I'm very interested in this subject and have watch Screencast 1 and 2 but why has 3 been deleted, please?

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I think the screencast may have been deleted due to the definition of a better solution at as mentioned above.

In addition to the source code, commenter Radu offers a way to achieve the same results:


And reecex adds listeners:

private var operation:AbstractOperation = AbstractOperation(node.getOperation("delete"))   
  operation.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, nodeDeleteFault); 
  operation.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, nodeDeleteResult); 

Then when in your code you need to call the node.delete method use