A decentralized NGO has some 150 Organic Groups with many their own OG menu based on og 6.x.2.3 and og_menu 6.x-2.x-dev. We are in the process of considering an upgrade to Drupal 7 and one of the obstacles is the lack of upgrade path for this module.

Adoption of this system was for many very traumatic because many users lack the technical background. It would therefore be unacceptable to manually recreate the group menus. I can not imagine the work it would be to guide and help group administrators to do this manually.

In what way can we encourage the development of an upgrade path?


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An upgrade path shouldn't be that much work. It's just that nobody has needed it so far, nor tried it, hence no work has been done for it.

Do keep in mind:
Organic groups 7.x-2.x is coming in the near future and this means (another) major change for OG Menu (which can be followed here: #1423564: update og_menu to support og 7.x-2.x)

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according to above comment, seems to work with latest, with a small code hack