When the callback from the authorize returns to the callback URL (e.g. the client app), currently it only returns the oauth_token. As per http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5849#section-2.2 this callback also requires oauth_verifier. (I recently ran into a case where a client was expecting to see this since the spec requires it and failed to callback, in which authentication could not happen).


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Here is an initial patch to basically return a nonce for the oauth_verifier parameter; ideally this needs more work though to ensure the validity of the verifier when calling back for an access token. I am thinking this could be stored with an expires and maybe in the nonce table...

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This also affects the 7.x-3.x version

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I've added some checks for the oauth_verifier parameter. Should work.
Throws Exception when the verification code is incorrect or not present. Only used when using version 1.0-RFC (not 1.0) for backwards compatibility.
Also added the verification code to the database, but it gets removed with the record (request token) after the access token is retrieved.

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EDIT: Sorry, double post.

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Whoops... There was a small error in my previous patch. Was saving a different verifier to the database than the one sent to the client. Fixed now.

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I sure want to change stuff after review, but changing to unassigned for now.