I am trying to find a way to do the following.

I have a csv file that pretty much maps 1-1 with a content type. I would like to specifically use Feeds Tamper to rewrite the title of the node. I first tried the following (note that my csv file has no headers, so I just use 0, 1, etc.).

0 maps to GUID
0 maps to Title

Create a rewrite to modify the title.

Unfortunately in the UI for the Feeds tamper, it lists them in the same context, for instance:

0->GUID, Title

So if I create a rewrite for this, it not only rewrites the title, but the GUID as well.

I don't really have any extra fields in the CSV file that I could just map to the title to create the rewrite, and would prefer adding extra fields just to rewrite the title, if possible.

I have also attached a screenshot to hopefully clear up any confusion.

feeds_tamper.jpg16 KBRyFo18
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I've also saw similar behaviour.

Once when I've used 'explode' plugin on the source field I've got an 'Array' string after 'rewrite' plugin on the destination field.

But at second time when I've tried modify source field purposefully I've got original string from CSV...

Is there any documentation for this behaviour?

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I've saw to code and found the answers:
1. Yes. Changes is accumulating accordingly to source fields at '/mapping' page.
2. If you don't want to change source - use an 'Blank source _bla-bla-bla_' as CSV field name and rewrite its value by the 'Rewrite' or 'Copy' plugin.
3. Strange behaviour: fields are processed in the order as its is returned from 'ctools_export_load_object()' function. (File: feeds_tamper.inc:127). I think this should be changed to 'Accordingly to sources weights at the /mapping page'.

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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

All of these issues were addressed some time ago.

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@twistor can you point to a specific issue where we can find a possible solution? Because I've searched for related issues with no luck.

There are similar issues but not relative to this specific situation.