On my localhost on the settings page admin/structure/openlayers I keep getting the Javascript error "Error making request to server."

This wasn't happening before. I used variations of the following in the OpenLayers Source:

Nothing seems to get rid of the error. All of these are 2.11 versions, though I wonder if there's been some change since a 2.12RC is now out.


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Hi @mgifford. Just a formality, please default to "support request" unless a bug has been identified already.

More information is needed here. In Chrome or Firefox, there are network tools which should help you locate what file is giving that error.

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Maybe on the support request. Certainly since it hasn't been verified as a bug with the coding.

This was with Firefox. Don't think it was a network thing either as the maps were working fine, just the Javascript on the config page was reporting an error.

You can actually see it here - http://drupal.org/node/1481374 - as I was running into it when editing the D7 docs.

I was able to replicate the error (which is only visible after saving it) with the dev version specified on the Mac with FF, Chrome, Opera & Safari.

Again, it's the Javascript tool which is aiming to verify that it's 2.11

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Issue tags: +clean URL

Most likely it is a "Clean URL" issue.

I've experienced the same problem, but found the solution here:

and a related problem and solution also:

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Issue tags: -clean URL
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This is indeed a "Clean URL" issue. I think it's save to always include the "?q=" url part (see attached patch).

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Seems like a simple enough patch. Applies nicely.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Committed, thanks.

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