I have enabled i18n and have two languages configured: Kinyarwanda and English. When I create an article and set it to 'english', it will also show up on the kinyarwandan page. Vice versa, exactly the same problem. I have configured the 'User interface text language detection' as per these directions: http://drupal.org/node/1510500

Am I overlooking something?


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You can set whether or not to show untranslated content under admin/config/regional/entity_translation. There will probably be some lingering issues however. We are working on getting a better filter working with entity translation in general, see #1524210: Expose entity translation table to views and #1516202: Add a CTools access plugin for checking if a translation is available

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Tnx, but got a very weird issue with this.

Problem before I opened this ticket (and as previously explained when opening this ticket):

-any article, whichever language of the two was selected, would appear on both language selections

Problem after I followed your instructions and disabled 'language fall back', first when I disabled this setting nothing seemed to happen, but then when I cleared my caches:

- The Kinyarwandan article on the English page disappeared *partly* -> the picture is still visible, but the title, kicker and lead is not
- When going to the Kinyarwandan page, the Kinywarwandan article is there, but the picture is not visible and is replaced with an error: 'Kinyarwanda translation unavailable for P1000388.JPG.'
- As for the English article on the Kinyarwandan page, the issue is completely reversed: the title, kicker and lead are not visible and the picture neither, but in place of the picture the following error appears: 'Kinyarwanda translation unavailable for P1000502.JPG.'

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I'm not sure, I am very enthousiastic about NS' abilities, but guess I should stick with version 1. I need to setup a newspaper website pretty quickly and the need for it is pretty high.

Obvious question, but nevertheless: is ns2 too unstable for a production environment ATM and should I go for ns1 for now and upgrade later?

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