I am using latest 7.x-3.x dev version and Font your face / Inbuild Google Font are not working even after enabling.

I am using a different admin theme and font your face is working for the theme. I can see different font family for links, text ,etc.

But, its not working in AT.

I tried enabling/disabling font extension in theme settings but it did not work.

Please check.


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I found that the font family from font your face was over ridden by the font family from AT.

The main problem is If font extensions are enabled once in theme settings, there is no way to disable them again. Even after unchecking.

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OK, I need to check, I did change the weight of some stylesheets recently so that could be the problem.

The fonts should disable when the Extensions are turned off, that is a bug, it was working fine before, probably just a conditional check needs to be tweaked a bit so they disable properly.

Cheers, thanks for the bug report.

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I have fixed the loading and enabling/disabling issues and pushed the fixes up to dev, however before I make a new alpha release I want to clarify a point you made:

I found that the font family from font your face was over ridden by the font family from AT.

What do you mean by this - can you explain what you are doing, and what you expect to happen - please be very clear about this, there are lots of options and I need to know how to reproduce what you are doing.

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I enabled font your face module. I chose some font and applied it to body. But, it was not visible. A different web safe font was appearing. So, I used chrome inspector and saw that instead of the font your face's Font , the fonts from AT theme settings were used. ( Verdana,etc. ) even though the options for fonts was unchecked in extensions( theme settings) .

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Status: Active » Fixed

Actually what you state here is impossible. You have made a mistake somewhere or forgotten what you actually did. Please check again, you are incorrect in this assessment.

Here is why:

1. @font-your-face applies its "body font" to the body element, Adaptivetheme never does this, ever, it applies its global font to the html element, so @font-your-face will override that if you use the body option in @font-your-face module settings.

2. @font-your-face stylesheet loads last, always last, it has a big weight set on it by the module, it loads after all other stylesheets have loaded, even after Adaptivetheme styles, so even if the selectors were somehow the same, it will override it.

Unless you are not being clear enough and talking about something like a heading or menu font being overridden, in which case be more clear please.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

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