Fatal error: Call to undefined function _theme_menu_variables() in /path/to/themes/at_panels_everywhere/template.php on line 121

I'm unable to find reference to this function in either 6.x or 7.x--not sure what the appropriate fix may be.


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Need more info, did you upgrade at some stage? This function is only missing from the very latest Adatptivetheme core 7.x-3.x-dev and subthemes never call it, only the base theme, so I think you upgraded and something has gone wrong in that process. Tell me what you did, especially if you used the auto upgrader in Drupal.

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This is from an installation profile I'm working on, so no upgrading involved. I've grabbed the latest 3.x of the base theme (and also tried a direct git clone), but am not seeing that function.

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Sorry, I mis-read your comment. I see the function now in the history of 3.x. Sorry for the noise :)

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I'm seeing this too. The call to the function is originating in the AT Panels Everywhere template.php, so if it's been removed from AT core then atpe should be updated accordingly.

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Changing status! If this function has been removed so what should be used instead
Fatal error: Call to undefined function _theme_menu_variables() in /var/local/mods/panels_everywhere/at_panels_everywhere.git/template.php on line 121

git checkout cc9dc2d92c5cce0878630cf69b2265cd580dac74 works against adaptivetheme.git

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In 7.x-3.x this became a proper theme function, theme_menubar(), so you call it like this:

  // theme the menu bars
  if (!empty($vars['primary_navigation'])) {
    $vars['primary_navigation'] = theme('menubar', array('menu' => $vars['primary_navigation'], 'type' => 'primary'));
  if (!empty($vars['secondary_navigation'])) {
    $vars['secondary_navigation'] = theme('menubar', array('menu' => $vars['secondary_navigation'], 'type' => 'secondary'));

I will update AT Panels Everywhere shortly. Cheers.

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Has this been included in the recently updated -dev? (June 13th)

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Yes it was included in the last update.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.