The blog module displays on each blog post a link to the author's blog. On a single contributor site/system this link is unnecessary and confusing for visitors. There should be a setting to hide this link.

I've attached a patch (for the HEAD version) which adds this setting. Perhaps the wording or variable name could be improved but it is functional.

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The patch above fixed the problem in my case, now my blog is displayed clean. See discussion here:

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Rather than individual patches like this to control various node links, I think we would be better off expending our time on a generalized admin interface for enabling/disabling items passed through the _link hook. I believe there was some discussion about this sort of a system at one time, but I'm not sure whether any code was actually written.

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+1 for a general approach.

we've successfully managed to keep away other patches like these, for they introduce not only inconsistancy, but mostly UI clutter.

The solution discussed was in the lines of parsing an associative arrays: Modules would have to give their names and an ID for each link.
I suggest we build it up as follows:


where $id is in the form of {modulename}_{unique_id} and class can be one of a pre-define list. we should investigate what types of links we have and assign a class to each of these types.


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A link administration UI would solve the problem but I would hope that it would not require a new settings page. If this could be auto-added to the module settings page I think it might make for a cleaner UI and require less hunting.

At any rate, this should all go in a new issue.’s picture

If you want to have a single user blog with Drupal, rather use stories for blog entries.