I have been using this module without issue for years. Recently I just moved to blue host and now my pages with insert view code are not showing views. All of my normal views still work but insert views are not.

Viewing the source of a page with an insert view I can see that it prints the view div and other code, but there is no actual view data:

<div class="view view-Tuesday view-id-Tuesday view-display-id-page_1 view-dom-id-1">
      <div class="views-admin-links views-hide">
      <ul class="links"><li class="0 first"><a href="/admin/build/views/edit/Tuesday?destination=node%2F801#views-tab-page_1">Edit</a></li>
<li class="1"><a href="/admin/build/views/export/Tuesday">Export</a></li>
<li class="2 last"><a href="/admin/build/views/clone/Tuesday">Clone</a></li>
</ul>    </div>

Any idea what the issue might be?


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As I see the insert_view works correctly. The only possible problem could be that you do not have data.

goto /admin/build/views/edit/Tuesday#views-tab-page_1 and test the view preview. If you are using a view with an argument, test it with that argument.