If the list of input types does not include the site default input type, no default is selected, but user is allowed to save node anyway.

I have one node type which I only want a wiki input filter allowed for, but I do not want to set this as the site wide default input filter. When I use this module to limit the input type to only my wiki filter, the wiki filter is not selected when the node is saved. If I allow two non-default filters (so the input filter section of the node edit shows up) I see that neither filter is selected. This module should either allow an administer to set a node type specific default or if the default is not in the remaining list it should automatically select the first one or in the case of only 1 remaining filter it should ensure that the page is saved with that filter selected.


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I'm having nearly this exact same problem.

I have a pearwiki input format that I want to use with the node type 'wikipage', and a full html format that is default, and enabled on everything else.

Even if I check only 'wiki input format' for wikipages in admin/settings/filterbynodetype, the node is always submitted using full html - even if it's not supposed to be enabled for that content type.

This seems like the fundamental goal of this module, so I changed this to critical.

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The actual bug was that the module only worked if you were filtering down to input format with id 1. :-) Oops. Should be fixed now, I believe. Thanks.

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