This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The D6 core filters system allows an admin to restrict the type of input format available to a user by user role. It does not, however, allow the admin to restrict the available input formats by node type. So if you e.g. want to allow for node bodies with embedded images and others without, you will be stranded with just core functions.


This module fills that gap. It provides a simple checkbox-based interface where an administrator can restrict what input filters are available to what node types. These rules are applied after the role-based restrictions, so it can never offer more input formats than the default role-based input formats would.

As of 6x-1.5, this functionality is extended towards each node type's comments. You may chose to restrict them the same way as the corresponding node type (default), to a different scheme or not at all.

Quick reference

  1. Install the module.
  2. Note the additional options on each node type settings page (sections submission and comments (if comment module is active).
  3. Optionally set the new bypass filter restrictions user permission for each role.


No more development, only security fixes.
Regarding features, this module is considered complete by now as D6 days are counted. Thus, there will be mainly bug fixes to follow.
This module will likely not be ported to Drupal 7. Instead, #1295248: Allow per-field-instance configuration of allowed formats has been submitted to the "Better Formats" and now incorporates this functionality.

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