I installed module builder on my local wamp, folder paths are given then i get a list of APIs then when i click on update "problem loading page with message "The connection was reset"


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Same issue here. XAMPP running on Windows 7.

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More info:

Going to admin/modules/module_builder

I get error message "No hooks were found. Please check the documentation path specified in the Administer >> Site configuration >> Development >> Module builder page."

And the page is blank other than the text "This page allows you to generate the files for a custom module with scaffolding code for hook implementations."

On going to admin/config/development/module_builder

The hooks folder is correct (and there are actually "*.api.php" files in /sites/default/files/hooks).

However, on going to admin/config/development/module_builder/update

I get the contradictory information:

The hook documentation has not yet been downloaded.

You have the following hook definition files saved in public://hooks:

  • aggregator.api.php
  • block.api.php
  • comment.api.php
  • etc
  • etc

When I click the Update button, I get "The connection was reset error".

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I tried running "drush mbdl" and that did work. It downloaded api files again, hooks_processed.php was successfully created and module builder now works as expected.

So, the above seems to be an issue just with the web interface when updating and processing hooks.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Are you actually on 7 or on 6?

On 7 no downloading is actually done.

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Definitely Drupal 7.12 and Module Builder 7.x-2.x-dev (2012-Mar-19)

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I just rechecked /sites/default/files/hooks/

And the downloaded *.api.php files have the same timestamp as the generated hooks_processed.php

The files are being downloaded, as I didn't put them there. Maybe some legacy code or functions from the 6.x version?

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I came across this as well, from what I can gather 'system.api.php' is too big for the 'preg_match_all' call in the _module_builder_process_hook_file function.

I tested this by removing the file from $hook_files:

function module_builder_update_data() {
  // Update the hook documentation.
  $hook_files = module_builder_update_documentation();
  //CHANGE: unset the large system.api.php 
  // Process the hook files.

  return TRUE; // FTW!

With it gone, everything seems to work. Well, except of course, system hooks are missing in the builder.

I think it must have something to do with PCRE setting in XAMPP. I tried adding some 0's to the following in php.ini


but it still crashed php. I'm just going to manually add any hooks I need from system.api.php and leave it at that.

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I had same issue.
According to this:
you should decrease value of pcre.backtrack_limit .
I set it to 500, and it didn't crash.
For some reason now I get following error after this:
Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in module_builder_update_documentation() (line 82)
and module builder doesn't build any hooks except of hook_help. But at least update doesn't crash php.

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I had this same exact issue (Windows 7 with XAMPP, Drupal 7.55) and setting pcre.backtrack_limit and pcre.recursion_limit to 500 as terikon suggested in #8 resolved the problem for me!

Thx all!