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We are Taller, a digital business studio. We are active on the market since April 2012. Small and highly specialized, Taller expresses the idea of sustainability as a local unity, acting on the global market.

Recognized by its excellence in advanced technologies, as Drupal, a CMS which is more and more disseminated and applied world wide, Taller is distinguished by its high efficiency on delivering products and the use Agile practices.

Free software provided more affordable work tools and Taller takes fully advantage of it to deliver scalable solutions to its customers.

Featuring a group that is passionate for what they do, with some of the best professionals in Brazil, our priority is to provide employees an environment of free thought, growth, realizations and constant focus on results. Our headquarters is a charming house located in Rio Tavares neighborhood, one of the coveted spots on the beautiful island of Florianópolis / SC.

Contact us!

Please, visit our site (, our Facebook page or fallow us on Twitter @tallerws.

Drupal contributions

One of the greatest things made Drupal attractive to our dev team is the Community.
So we are always trying to contribute and participate, for example, here are some modules:

The other thing we love to do is some keynotes, like we did in the last Campus Party 2012 here in Brazil.

If you would like to know more about our work, how do we develop, or just to know us, please contact us!

Projects supported

Add Content Block, Clients SOAP, Breakpoints JS, Entityform Send Mail, Node to markup, BU Templates - Browser Update Templates, GA API - Google Analytics API, Unagi, Glossify D8, Queue UI Improved, Activity Stream Moderation, Activity Stream Entity, i18n taxonomy admin, i18n menu admin

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 3 months


Allied to sharing of Drupal information, Drupal de Elite teaches courses and intensive classroom training for companies and small groups with high quality standard, featuring a team of long time Drupal experts dedicated to teaching. All training courses are divided into levels and subjects, with particular assessment certificates in order to give a real qualification to each student, effectively pointing the strengths and weaknesses individually, enabling the development of better teams. We also tailor possible the manufacture of unique courses and training according to the needs of students.

We also tailor unique courses and training according to the needs of students and teams.

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