The insert and update hooks that the Field API implements are actually pre-insert and pre-update hooks. This is not what most of the behavior implementations will require.

I suggest we emulate the corresponding post insert hooks implemented via hook_field_attach_insert() and hook_field_attach_update().

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Here is what I suggest in form of a patch.

I'm going to need that in the Tree module, that needs to react on post-update and insert.

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+++ b/plugins/behavior/abstract.incundefined
@@ -80,13 +87,27 @@ interface EntityReference_BehaviorHandler {
+   * Act before inserting an entity reference field.

I think this line is wrong - "after updating"...

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Also, do you think we should change the existing insert/ update to preInsert/ preUpdate for clarity?

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Merged into 7.x-1.x (with the correction of #2). I don't think we should touch the existing hooks, I would like to break the API as little as possible.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.