Missing action links content type

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works perfectly for me

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Excellent, this was definitely missing in D7. Committed, pushed.

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The action links are rendered without ul container, the plugin should wrap menu_local_actions() in <ul class="action-links"> (taken from the core 7 theme).

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Here is a patch that will add a new file to the include dir called "action-links.theme.inc"

It contains a theme function that will wrap the actions links in the UL as code does.

It also changes the ctools_page_actions_content_type_render function to use this new theme function.

Here is a relevant issue in panels everywhere #1678138: Render Action Links for Messages pane in preprocess

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The patch in #4 works great!

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Committed and pushed. Thanks!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.