As soon as install jQuery UI module the layout of Adaptive theme breaks.
It gives unnecessary margin to content-inner for authenticated user.

Firebug says below for a page without sidebars when Jquery UI is installed.

.two-sidebars .content-inner {
    margin-left: 240px;
    margin-right: 180px

And when it's not installed and the way it's supposed to be.
.content-inner {}
It seems that even if there are no side bars on the page Jquery UI is changing the CSS and giving the margin to content-inner as if there are side bars. And the strange thing is that it doesn't happen for anonymous users.

These are issues in Adaptive theme.


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Title: jQuery UI breaks the layout of Adaptive theme for authenticated user. » jQuery UI change the margin of .content-inner for authenticated user even if there are no sidebars.