There is a video on using sweaver with the omega theme. As you used the omega theme explicitly I got the imagination that there are special features in omega and/or sweaver to cooperate. But you could have used any other theme, too :(

What about a real integration with sweaver and omega or delta: add the css files created with sweaver to the list of switchable css in the omega/delta settings (as you can with css-files provided by the modules). This could be done on the sweaver UI when saving a css-file: add a check box to register the css-file with omega (unless omega is installed, of course).


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Status: Active » Needs work

That is interesting, I'll keep it in mind. I might do these changes soon, if you think of anything else please tell me.

Thanks for your contribution

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also, for the responsive design, it would be nice to be able to apply styles to the different media queries.
thanks for this module that i am trying now to see if i start using it.