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The language types function names (used in bootstrap) were reorganized under a consistent pattern/prefix to improve the developer experience.

Previous name New name Rationale
drupal_language_initialize() no change Expected to change later with WSCCI.
drupal_language_types() language_types_get_default() Establish a language_types_get_* namespace for list getter functions (there are three of them to unify). Avoid overcrowding the drupal_* namespace.
language_types() language_types_get_all() See above.
language_types_configurable() language_types_get_configurable() See above.
language_initialize() language_types_initialize() Initializes language types in fact. Should keep under this 'namespace'.
language_types_info() no change Returns hook_language_types_info() values altered with hook_language_types_info_alter().
language_types_disable() no change Disables language types.
language_types_set() no change Resets the language types cache list (used by all the language_types_get_*() functions).

In summary all the language_types_*() functions are neatly lined up according to a consistent pattern.

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