Download linkchecker-6.x-2.5.tar.gztar.gz 41.87 KB
MD5: af160b27f2ce58d08cbc2be490f10b79
SHA-1: 78a7452c73bafd2b4108939d18055e21c06d5c07
SHA-256: 3a354046fe3e5f58cf180fc25b9a7da3e78720bebf39ade09f8aee1b66f7575a
Download linkchecker-6.x-2.5.zipzip 46.43 KB
MD5: ba49cc65ac3c094f1b8beff2c4f9725c
SHA-1: 8e23796ba2a3f3f4be80fc115474fa40ada89961
SHA-256: 9de19162d6e9d46efc33ebc5966abb9e5f5d66e8e235cf080edd216876949050

Release info

Created by: hass
Created on: 15 Feb 2012 at 01:07 UTC
Last updated: 15 Feb 2012 at 21:05 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

Highlights in this release:

- Several performance related optimizations have been added.
- Added HTTP range support for high performance link checks with GET method.
- New link checker mode: internal only

Other changes and bugfixes:

* Fix for access bypass vulnerability.
* #1429284: Don't follow redirects
* Removed block 'title' for consitency reasons. It's only a title in administration and should not contain URLs
* Show a recommendation next to blacklisted filter names.
* #1149596: Links with spaces are not extracted
* Backported some documentation fixes
* Batch redirect URL added for blocks
* #860700: Disable all non-http(s) links for link checking until we have curl implemented
* #1054118: After batch scan the target url is not pointing to the node view
* #1075390: Added HTTP range support (Performance)
* Links disabled for checking (blacklist, never checked) will be counted as as unchecked and the number of unchecked links will therefore never become zero.
* #1321378: Improve performance of queries
* #953958: User able to see other user broken links
* truncate is ***much*** more faster than delete.
* #725398: variable_get() may not be available in the install.php run
* First decode, than filter as URLs could theoretically consist of encoded blanks only.
* #1067160 by somimi: Minor grammar fixes to some of the descriptions in
* Removing translation directories
* #903318: Internal Links in cck, weblinks and links fields are not extracted.
* Remove locale module setUp as notices in _linkchecker_add_node_links() has been fixed.
* Prevent notices if tests run without locale module.
* #780242 by AlexisWilke: Several E_NOTICE when dealing with the URLs
* #500090 by hass: Block removal of RFC domains in exclude links
* #685580 by wheyse: CCK field_name need to be checked with empty() as the value could be empty
* Upgrade line break converter from D5 filter/2 to D6 filter/1.
* #661484: Empty URL exclusion list disables link checking


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