Ship calc not working. I followed instructions exactly. When I click on the 'Test settings' button in shipcalc, nothing happens.

But if i try checking out, I get these errors:

Home » Shopping cart
Choose shipping method
The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations. (Hard error 111210)
ups configuration error. Please notify the site administrator.

Anyone know the problem? Both UPS and USPS dont work. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

#14 shipping_3.patch3.63 KBJohnAlbin
#11 shipping_2.patch3.44 KBJohnAlbin


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Did you sign up for an account with either shipping provider? Not sure where to do it with UPS, but USPS you have to register here: Once you've registered you get a URL and an account ID for testing. You must test with your user ID at least once.

You then mail them back and ask for your account to be converted for use with their production servers.

Probably a similar process with UPS. I'd check their web site.

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yah i have signed up for both (and have a production account with USPS).

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Ship calc not working. I followed instructions exactly. When I click on the 'Test settings' button in shipcalc, nothing happens.

i a m facing the same problem.

any help

when i enter the id etc in all the four post services, i get the same response.

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having the same problem. any advice?

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the issue i am having is this. when i attempt to test USPS, nothing returns. i had accidentally put in my password, and, when i try to remove it and save setting it will not remove. are the buttons buggy on this shipcalc? also, now that i have checked off USPS shipping methods within a product and included dimensions, when going through checkout i am getting a page with button that says select shipping method, but, there is nothing to select on the page. the button is the only content.

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Any solutions for this bug?

It seems two issues that are happening is

1) As you reach the "Choose shipping method" page of checkout, no selections are showing, and of course, you can't continue without a choice.

2) If you test a shipcalc partner, it mentions you need to create an applicable product first before testing, even if you already have created said items.

I would almost believe these problems are related, as the shipping (or shipcalc) module doesn't seem to be getting any information about the products it is trying to ship, therefore leaving you with zero choices or warning there are no products to test configuration.

If anyone can pinpoint when shipping or shipcalc grabs this information, maybe we can come up with a fix. (Using drupal 5.0)


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Perhaps relevant incomplete sentence:
"For USPS: When the form reloads, expand the 'testing' fieldset, ensure the testing URL is correct, and click the 'testing' button. You should get message returned with the shipping options and prices of a sample item. If no such messages are returned, or if "
In any case, I had another problem, just fixed on the e-commerce module . I bring this up because there was similar behavior and perhaps even a connection to the problem.

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Why isn't this bug getting asigned? The Ship calc USPS doesn't work and the Shipping API doesn't show shipping options in the checkout. Looks like a bug! (If it isn't assigned because it isn't bug, would you kindly point to the solution?) ty.

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I've been having these problems as well - USPS testing doesn't work & blank screen at "Choose shipping method".

These are pretty critical issues.

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Version: 5.x-3.0 » 5.x-3.3
Priority: Normal » Critical

I’m seeing this with the latest version of ecommerce.

Without a fix for this, ecommerce is unusable for my configuration. You cannot complete an order.

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Version: 5.x-3.3 » 5.x-3.x-dev
Status: Active » Needs review
3.44 KB

There are actually several problems here:

  1. The Shipping API module requires the Address module, but the dependency isn’t specified in the .info file.
  2. The ups_settings_form_submit() and canadapost_settings_form_submit() are wrongly wrapping their SQL queries in db_rewrite_sql(). (And canadapost_settings_form_submit() uses db_queryd() instead of db_query().)
  3. A successful test is supposed to be themed but there is no theme_shipcalc_testing_results() which means the result is themed into NULL.

The attached patch fixes these issues.

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Also, make sure that address comes before shipping on the admin/ecsettings/checkout settings page.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to force the correct order of “address then shipping” in the code.

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Status: Needs review » Patch (to be ported)


there is not about the db_rewrite_sql() but there are some bugs yes. there were fixed on eC4. eC3 still needs the patch



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Status: Patch (to be ported) » Needs review
3.63 KB

Here’s an updated patch that uses db_rewrite_sql() and, unlike the un-patched code, passes it the proper parameters.

It also makes a note about the dependency on either address or ecivicrm.

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Status: Needs review » Patch (to be ported)


im marking it as to be ported because we fixed eC4.



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Status: Patch (to be ported) » Fixed
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Status: Fixed » Needs review

Bruno, I just checked the latest 5.x-3.x-dev and this has NOT been fixed.

Also, the patch doesn’t need to be ported since it is designed for 5.x-3.x-dev. I’m setting it back to Needs Review.

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i marked as fixed because we (eC dev team) decided that no further development for eC3 will be done.



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Status: Needs review » Fixed
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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)
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I applied the patch in #14 above but am still not getting any shipping options.

I'm using Canada Post as the API. My test says it's successful but doesn't show any sample item(s), is it supposed to with Canada Post?
I have built a store that can't add shipping to items and a deadline looming, can anyone please help?

Two things happen when I get to Choose shipping method:
1. with some items there's 'canadapost config. error' instead of the choices, however if I click continue it does add a shipping amount on the review order page, and successfully transfers the amount to PayPal
2. with some items no shipping methods are listed under Choose shipping method (and no error), when I click continue this time I get 'Please select a shipping method' error and can't get to the review order page at all.

Note: just got off the phone to Canada Post, the Server URL should be not as in the (not sure if this matters but I changed it in the inc file and I'm still not getting any shipping options listed)

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Needs review

Why is this closed when it's a major bug in the functioning of the shipping component of the ecommerce module and not fixed?

why has patching stopped on 3.x when 4.x is still in an alpha state?

why wasn't this patch applied to 3.4?

This issue has not been fixed in eC4

There are comments in the file that describe how it is not completed yet and includes hacks that will break at some point.

another patch to that seems to be held up

I've seen people offering money to get these issues fixed. This is not some module created for fun, it’s for doing business and should be made with higher standards. This bug has existed for months if not longer. It’s a problem on every site i’ve set up using this module.

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I am looking at converting my web based store from Miva to Drupal. I have on my local machine Drupal 5.2 and ecommerce 5.x-3.3 installed.

I put an item in my shopping basket, click the checkout link, put in an shipping address, press the continue button only to get "Invalid value for origin ZIP Code. (error -2147219490)" along with "usps configuration error. Please notify the site administrator.".

I have checked the usps configuration and there is no option to input a ZIP code. The only place that I see an option for this field is in the administrator->e-commerce->Fullfillment Center configuration.

Am I missing something?

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Status: Needs review » Closed (fixed)


eC3 will be not developed anymore.



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So just to confirm - there is currently no stable production version of shipcalc that does not have this problem?

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The eC guys are crazy. This defect makes this "production" module very crude, while the only other option is an Alpha. Will someone please save us from these people and build a real native eCommerce module?

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John, thanks for the patch. I applied it to 5.x-3.5, turned on shipcalc again, and tested checkout with 2 Canada Post shipping methods enabled.
I first ran a Canada Post test, which I think is just stubbed, but it gave me a "test successful" message.
I've manually confirmed my CP merchant ID. The CP server is set to

When I checkout, I select an address, click "Next," land on the "Select a Shipping Method" page, and no options are available. I get these errors instead:

canadapost configuration error. Please notify the site administrator.
Please select a shipping method. (which of course I can't do)

No canadapost.debug file was created, which I would love to see, and which one of the threads said should automatically get created. So probably I haven't even gotten a transaction to Canada Post.

If you can help me finish this fix, I would greatly appreciate it. It's the final step between me and launching, and trust me, there were a lot of manual patches and configs I had to do to tweak eCommerce, as I'm sure you remember.

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Was there a dependency on the Canada Post delay patch from I added that one, and now I don't get any Canada Post configuration errors, but I still get no options when I get to the "Choose Shipping Options" page, so I can't continue. Any help will be greatly appreciated.