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The return structure of hook_node_search_result() has been revised.

Previously, hook_node_search_result() returned an indexed array, now it returns an associative array.

For themers, this change mostly means you can now use $info_split['comment'] in search-result.tpl.php, that information was previously part of the $result['extra'] array.

Example hook implementation from comment.module:

 * Implements hook_node_search_result().
 * Formats a comment count string and returns it, for display with search
 * results.
function MYMODULE_node_search_result($node) {
  // Do not make a string if comments are hidden.
  if (user_access('access comments') && $node->comment != COMMENT_NODE_HIDDEN) {
    $comments = db_query('SELECT comment_count FROM {node_comment_statistics} WHERE nid = :nid', array('nid' => $node->nid))->fetchField();
    // Do not make a string if comments are closed and there are currently
    // zero comments.
    if ($node->comment != COMMENT_NODE_CLOSED || $comments > 0) {
      return array('comment' => format_plural($comments, '1 comment', '@count comments'));
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