I've been struggling with this for a while now and figured I'd ask for some help.

I'm using the jquery plugin Qtip2 in which I have a flag (The flag is loaded via ajax).

Drupal.behaviors.column = {
attach: function (context, settings) {

// Qtip implimentation
$('a.avatar-thumbnail').each(function() { // Loop over each avatar using the .each() method
  // Get the current users uid.
  var useruid = Drupal.settings.column.useruid;   
  var authoruid = $(this).attr('rel');
  // Change the content based on the viewing user.
  if (useruid != authoruid) {
    var GetContent = ' .subscribe-wrapper, .subscriber-count';
  else {
    var GetContent = ' .guest-alert';
  // Thanks to .each() "this" refers to each element within the loop
    content: {
      title: {
        text: '' + $(this).children("img.thumbnail").attr('alt') + '',
      text: ' ', // Make sure we declare some basic loading content
      ajax: {
        url:$(this).attr('href') + GetContent, // Grab user data from serverside PHP script...
        //url: $(this).attr('href') + ' h1, span.flag-subscribe', // Example on how to fetch multiple selectors...
    position: {
      my:'top center', // Position the tooltip...
      at:'bottom center', // ...to the right of the avatar
    show: {event:'click', solo:true, effect:false, delay:50}, // Give it a reasonable delay so they don't view it accidentally
    hide: {event:'click unfocus', fixed:true, effect:false, delay:0}, // Allow the user the mouseover the tooltip without it hiding

  // Change Subscriptions flag text on hover state.
  $('..subscribe-wrapper a.unflag-action').mouseover(function() {
    $originalText = $(this).text();
  $('.subscribe-wrapper a.unflag-action').mouseout(function() {



The problem (besides my lack of JS knowledge) is that the flag link javascript isn't being included.... Or at least that's what I believe the problem is.

How can I attach the needed javascript?


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Title: javascript flag not working in beautytip » javascript flag not working in Qtip2
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trying to do the same. Issue is that we would need to reattach the flag ajax behaviors to the flag once it is loaded into the qtip object. Calling attachBehaviors after the ajax success would be ideal, but for me it is closing the qtip!

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