Lumping all validation items together.

Postal code currently accepts "zip code"
Phone number currently accepts "some fake phone number"

US Postal code is only numeric {yes?}
Canadian Postal code is {have to look up}

US Phone number is only numeric {yes?}
Canadian Phone number is only numeric {yes?}

Probably need to add phone country code validation, if/when more countries than US/Canada are options.

Please add any other user supplied validation rules here:



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There is no validation because Ubercart doesn't supply validation either. Also, store owners may use address fields differently than we think. Validation rules is a good idea though, but I think it should live in an optional submodule.
I've no intentions to implement this myself, but you are welcome to come with a proposal. There may a module around that adds validation rules to any form. If that's the case, then it's probably a good idea to make use of the capabilities of that module and provide some default validation rules for it (if possible).

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I'll explore this:

There may a module around that adds validation rules to any form.

Seems like the best way to go, so it doesn't force anyone to validate any one specific way.

Found, and . When I finish eval'ing them, I'll post the results for their use with uc addresses.

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Sam-Inet - did you finish evaluating these options?

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Status: Active » Postponed

I haven't tested it, but maybe Rules Forms Support can do the job. If so, patches for default rules are welcome. Until then, this issue is postponed.