I'm utilizing Panels (7.x-3.0) and encountering some excessive padding at the top. I'm not seeing anything in Firebug that indicates where the padding is coming from so I'm unclear if it's something in Panels or the Corporate Clean theme. I do know that I'm using Panels to create an identical block on another website utilizing the Danland theme and am not encountering this issue. So, this leads me to think it's likely the theme. Screen shot attached which shows the padding along with pertinent Firebug output.

padding.png25.1 KBMacaroniDuck
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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Is this still the case?

This is old, cleaning and closing.

If it is still the case, and still want to reopen, just change the issue status.

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Status: Closed (cannot reproduce) » Active

Yup. Still the case. It's just been little enough of an annoyance that I've just lived with it. You can see it in the live site here: http://www.serenityspringswellness.com/