On my local test site running Drupal 7.10, PHP 5.2.14, I do not see the Front page section on the config page.
If I click on the config link on the modules page, I can get to the settings. I configured an anonymous front page and it works.

On my remote host site, neither the admin config or the link in the modules works.

If I modify your menu hook code to use MENU_NORMAL_ITEM instead of MENU_LOCAL_TASK for the three config sections, all works ok on my local machine (the front page section shows up on admin/config and links work).

On the remote machine (only difference I know of is it is PHP 5.2.17), the front page section shows up but only the second and third links work, the settings link does not - I click it and nothing happens.

I have re-installed a couple of times and emptied all caches several times.

This is a hard thing to debug on the remote site. Any help would be appreciated.


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I no longer have a problem accessing the settings menu. Apparently using Rebuild Menus in the Developer block fixed the problem.

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Is it better with this patch (clear your menu cache after applying it)?

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Just closed #1815916: "You do not have any administrative items" as a duplicate of this one.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.