When logged in as User 1 on the site I have to have one of the roles that are allowed to see the debug blocks. We should make User 1 the exception (this is usually the standard). I would hate to go and create a role that is only used for allowing User 1 to see the debug blocks.

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898 bytes

Patched the Alpha template.php to look for the uid as well as the role of the user.

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+  global $user;
+  if (($theme->settings['debug']['access'] || $user->uid == 1) && ($theme->settings['debug']['grid'] || $theme->settings['debug']['block'])) {

Please use $GLOBALS['user']->uid instead. Other than that it looks fine to me.

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Fixed w/ the new patch

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Now with the right fix :)

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Simple fix

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patch failed to apply cleanly, but the one-liner was easy enough just to paste in.
Added to 3.1 release.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.