I found a problem that when you are using components that don't support "conditional" that components on the same page will show in the "Components" selectbox under Conditional Rules when editing a component.

The problem is in "includes/webform.components.inc". When looping through to find all components on previous pages that a component can be conditional on.

    if (webform_component_feature($test_component['type'], 'conditional')) {
      $conditional_components[$cid] = $test_component;

$counter should only be incremented when you actually add the $test_component to the array.
So this fixes it:

    if (webform_component_feature($test_component['type'], 'conditional')) {
      $conditional_components[$cid] = $test_component;

The problem only occurs when using multiple components where

webform_component_feature($test_component['type'], 'conditional') == FALSE

So it won't always show up.
I am attaching the a very simple 2 page webform (exported via Node Export) that has the problem b/c it uses 2 "markup" elements on the first page. Here is the basics of the form.

  • text1
  • markup1
  • markup2
  • page1
  • text2
  • text3

Click to edit the text3 and you will see "text2" in the component list under "Conditional Rules". It should be there.

I will attach the patch in the next comment

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Patch attached. This same issue is in 6.x

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Thanks tedbow, I'll review this next time I'm going through the webform queue.

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No problem. Thanks again for your work.

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Thanks tedbow, finally committed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.