Hi, I had a client email me snapshots of the forms on the website that have CAPTCHA, the image is not displaying, just the text enclosure.

CAPTCHA works perfectly on my PC-Firefox, if they had not brought it up, I wouldn't have known :)

Attaching snapshot.
***Another curious thing, some images unrelated to captcha, such as the site's logo, small views gallery of rotating logos and pag images also are not appearing, same thing, I can see them perfectly but MAc-Safari and MAC-Firefox do not. -sorry if this doesn't belong here, captcha was my starting off point.

website: http://drumcafewest.com

Many thanks in advanced.

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Category: bug » support
Priority: Major » Normal
Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Most likely not a CAPTCHA issue as you suggest yourself.
Is this an issue on one particular Mac?
I have a mac and have no problem with seeing those images (couldn't find a CAPTCHA protected form though)

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Same problem.

On Win7 & Chrome

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Same problem here, on Mac Safari and Mac Firefox. I think the problem is that Safari / Firefox don't handle the headers properly, and the browser assumes that what is actually an image, is interpreted as a document. Don't know how to solve it.