• Identify the common denominator of use-cases and requirements.




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Looking at the spreadsheet, are the x's intended as checkmarks for "has this" or as placeholders for more info?

I have observed (both reading and writing) that there is a sort of "Showcase" kind of functionality across image gallery, recipes, technology projects, books, etc, where does that squeeze in?

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The 'x' are intended as a quick 'Yes, applies to this use case', could be replaced with specific comments if needed. maybe a 'Yes' would've been clearer :)

The listing of features in the left colomn is very much incomplete, so the 'Showcase' functionality can be added there.

Thanks for looking!

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I just reviewed the spreadsheet column for the musician/band use-case I wrote -- mostly looks great. There were a few red dashes on rows that I changed to 'x' with a comment in the cell about why. But yeah, seems like this use-case has a ton of overlap with the others, which is great. I'm so happy to see all this moving forward! Looking forward to contributing whenever I can.


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Status: Active » Reviewed & tested by the community

I filled in some more of the remaining use-cases. The only missing is Digital Philosopher. @Grayside?

@dww: Thanks for helping out with the musician/band use-case! Real world use-cases are always best :) (Though, you left one question mark row alone?)

Overall, however, I'd like to call this evaluation of use-cases and high-level features "done", so flagging as RTBC. I think we've covered a lot. :)

That said, there've been a couple of last minute additions; e.g., multilanguage/translation demands, an FAQ (yes, a good ol' FAQ!), and a few more that appeared during reviews of existing use-case specific sites.

Furthermore, the spreadsheet doesn't cover the administrative interface needs at all, or only to a very small extent. E.g., typical questions for that would be Toolbar vs. Administration menu, Dashboard vs. PanelsWhateverNewKidOnTheBlock, Overlay vs. sanity, to Views or not to views... Most of these questions possibly revolve around the level of technical expertise we presume for site owners (but most likely, that's also a poor way to look at things... ;))

Once this issue is fixed, we can (finally) move on to technical implementations :)

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Title: First synthesis: analyse the use case for shared functionality and content requirements » Analyse common functionality and content requirements of use-cases
Priority: Major » Critical

Better title.

I've also filled out the Digital Philosopher use-case, and filled in some gaps in the other use-cases now, which means we're 99.9% done. ;)

Furthermore, I adjusted the sharing settings to prevent the status quo from being hi-jacked (by anyone who has the link). For now, @yoroy and me can still edit. Happy to add others, just let me know. :)

Instead, the sheet is "published to the web" now.

(err, looks like I totally managed to lock myself out... LOL - it's still published to the web, but only @yoroy is able to edit right now ;))

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Updated issue summary.

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I skimmed the spreadsheet and it looks good. However, there are enough squares on the board to easily miss an individual point.

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Title: Analyse common functionality and content requirements of use-cases » Analyze common functionality and content requirements of use-cases

Thanks! Looks like we're ready to go then?

@yoroy: Would be great to also get (blunt) feedback from you. :) I think this is the intended result we wanted, but I'm not 100% sure ;)

According to #1564866: [meta] Roadmap, we now have analyzed each use-case, and the next step is to actually extract the common denominator of all use-cases.

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Any Excel wizards in the issue queue?

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Updated issue summary.

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I've added a simple conditional metric, using a minimum of 4.


  1. 4 is debatable ;)
  2. there are exceptions to the rule (e.g., support for code snippets/syntax highlighting will happen in any case to attract Drupal developers)
  3. a machine-calculated metric is not sufficient and can only serve as a pointer and base for human decisions. :)

To clarify that, I've added a second column with a minimum of 6, kinda representing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). (Would have chosen 7 for the MVP, but since we have two use-cases that don't really need the showcase [i.e., the actual portfolio in Portfolio], 7 pretty much eliminated the showcase. ;))


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Looks good. With the MVP feature list we have an outright functionality win over most hastily assembled developer blogs.

Two relatively minor things:

  1. This time around, I see there is no email notifications. Comment moderation and email notification are one of the more complex categories of setting up a smoothly running commenting system on a simple blog, it seems like they should be covered here, at least beyond the MVP.
  2. Pingbacks taking backseat to "Social Network Reactions". Pingbacks are always pretty ugly looking, but the open standard of it appeals. Shrug.

I count 36 line-items for the MVP.

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Very good suggestions.

I've added comment notifications (assuming that counts for both the site owner/content publisher as well as comment reply notifications for comment authors). Pingbacks/Trackbacks were contained as separate feature already (right above social network notifications).

Lastly, I gave you edit access, @Grayside. ;)

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I like the new columns. Visual indicators like that make it real simple to determine what's in or out. I might have a concern over a couple on the out side, but the methodology is pretty decent. I'm not sure about excluding Media Gallery when it is listed twice (once under Showcase and one categorized) with different purposes, but the combined number of distinct use cases is 7.

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Distinct 7? Which two did you merge? :)

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I don't have row numbers in the spreadsheet, but the 7th one down (titled - Media gallery) and the 51st down (titled Media gallery (categorized)). Now, it's completely possible I'm misinterpreting what those should represent.

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Ah, yeah: The features in the first column are indented / hierarchically grouped.

The first "- Media gallery" belongs to the parent "Showcase" feature, and means that, in addition to a primary image/media file for a project/work you've done, you want to attach an entire gallery of additional media files. Somewhat comparable with product pages in online stores/shops. Or for example, the primary image could be the logo of a project or company you've worked for, and the gallery could contain screenshots or photos of detailed parts of your work.

The second "Media gallery (categorized)" has no parent feature and is meant as a stand-alone media gallery with categories. E.g., a simple separate top-level navigation link that says "Gallery" and under which you find random image/video/audio stuff the site owner wants to publish.

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I think at this point it would be helpful to reorganize this info into a more useful list. I'd suggest a list of "Features" (groups of configuration settings like the Feautres module provides) and "site features" (specific functionality common to the site). Probably need a better term for each. I think we can also achieve some of what we need with just a pre-formatted page that can be edited (like an FAQ). A possible starting point:


  1. Showcase - promoted content from across the site. Through a few boolean checkbox fields, a series of views (header/front slideshow, featured content teaser list, grid view, etc.) offer a simple but organic way of organizing content. Fields suggested: add to slideshow, add to showcase, hide display image on full page view.
  2. Single site blog (to differentiate between blog module) - Content type representing a blog/article style for representing the entire site. Associated views like teaser list, archive block, most popular, latest, rss, related posts, moderation. Blog series using book module or draggable views and pager block?
  3. Gallery/portfolio - content type with media field(s) allowing multiple uploads per field. Using something like the field slideshow module for full display
  4. Resume/cv - simple content type, possibly with a "contact me" webform block related? With an optional user ref field, it can easily provide multiple resumes per site.
  5. Contact form - suggest using Webform module
  6. Event calendar - event content type with relevant views for calendar, upcoming events, rss. Calendar module and/or FullCalendar module.
  7. Quote/testimonial - basic content type for testimonials or quotes. Views to include list, slideshow block, random block.
  8. Link directory - resources, partner links, products for sale offsite, etc. Views include a list of links, block showing cateories with counts, random block, "Search" page with exposed filters, blogroll view
  9. Newsletter? - I don't see this as being included. Many people use a 3rd party newsletter like MailChimp or Aweber, and integration of those is fairly simple. Most 3rd party newsletter systems do have a way to use an RSS feed for posting, so maybe instead we have a default "weekly digest" RSS view that is a teaser list of content in the last week. This could be fed into a 3rd party system.

Once the list of "Features" is confirmed, each can be its own issue for development and planning. Will we be using the Features module for managing these, or will we be coding these into the install profile directly? I like the idea of Features for portability and ease of use, as well as the ability to easily override and roll back if needed... but it is additional overhead.

Site features & modules

As always, we should look to prune the list as much as possible without losing too much functionality. This should cover most of the functionality listed on the spreadsheet.

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