When I forward mysite.com/user/cool-page-to-foward it forwards mysite.com/user/node/18

Is there anyway I can change this?

I'm using;

URL Alias
URL redirect
Clean URL


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Are you using Service Links by chance - because this works correctly when using the Forward module alone. A link to the page with the problem always helps.

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Thanks for the fast reply. Not using service links. I am using user referral, however.

Here is my home page; www.growtogive.com, and here is the forwarded link;


Here's another page


and the forward link for it is;


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I'll take a look at this within the next few days. Needed to get the security update out first.

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This has been working. I'm not sure what I installed or uninstalled to be honest.

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Are you saying it is working now? If so, I'll close this issue. Can reopen if it comes back as a problem. Let me know.

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Yes, it is working now. Thank you.

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mmmmmm, i'm getting this issue too. The URL is not alias.
I'm not using "Service Links" and i do not have an online page yet.

Is there any way to track this issue??
i have mutiple modules installed, like commerce, views, ctools, panels, gmap, page title, rules, captcha, webform and some more...

thanks for your time!

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i correct myself.
forward link in node page looks like ->/forward/?path=node/##

In forward page, forward link shows with correct url alias.

In email, forward link shows like -> /forward/emailref/?path=node/##

If i click on emails link, i get redirected to correct url alias. But is this how it works??? I don't want users to know about any url like "node/##"

thanks for your time.

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Yes, this is how the module works, it exposes the node ID. You should file a feature request asking for that to change, that would be a useful enhancement.

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This change has been posted to the 7.x-2.x branch and will be included in the next DEV build.

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