I noticed that the different shipping services provided were stored in the database in a custom table.

1/ As there is no hook_uninstall() implemented, all the shipping services will remain in the table even when the module is _uninstall_

2/ On the other hand, all the rules component related to the shipping services will also remain in the rules component part - shouldn't they be deleted as well ?

Many thanks !


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

1. In D7 the tables defined in hook_schema are dropped on uninstall automatically, so there's no table left.
2. The rules components are provided by Commerce Shipping in a hook_default_rules_configuration() implementation, which means that all non-overridden components will disappear as soon as cache is cleared. Overriding a component puts it into the database, nothing for us to do there.

Closing the issue.