#954256: Allow to alter path in code review ignores added the 'line prefix' parameter to hook_coder_ignore(). However, it requires you to add a trailing '/' to the prefix, which is not in line with how the other option ('path') is used.

The attached patch is a quick workaround that adds the slash. A better fix is probably to smartly look for a slash and add/strip as necessary, as happens for 'path'.

#1 coder-1360744-1.patch649 bytesDane Powell
coder-bad-path.patch542 bytesDane Powell


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This is also a problem with the 7.x branch- here's the 7.x version of the patch.

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Version:6.x-2.x-dev» 7.x-1.x-dev
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The D7 version works just fine.

We're in a desolate state: we have no idea what version is running on qa.d.o, whether it uses hook_coder_ignore() or hook_coder_review_ignore(), whether it requires the additional slash or whether it already has this patch.

I'm hitting a wall with #526074: False suggestion: table names should be enclosed in {curly_brackets}.

As it stands, no one can get this to work. Please clean it up.

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Note that this is still a mess, and prevents code reviews from working properly on the testbots.

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The old review system was removed and replaced mid last year. The coder review system isn't well documented, which might be the mess Dane refers to. I just updated the book page https://drupal.org/node/144172. I don't think there's anything else to do here, so I am marking the issue as "won't fix."