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MD5: 02cf9eff83b7203b70c311daca9c0e8c
SHA-1: f5d645311df7e75b4529973d96010f2e91c77c34
SHA-256: bc1794a6c68578fb2a75df13634b9b5c18d40185ff28d0df4ac5197c4cb6e920
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MD5: d611ae1139bf7e82a76a411a9980ba1c
SHA-1: 1eb12ad1d4abbcb68c2544d2a8538c0b3400307a
SHA-256: 1286b7f2504029f0462140a86d207b1f245204c66bfed20b38c90884a04352bc

Release info

Created by: KarenS
Created on: November 29, 2011 - 10:40
Last updated: July 30, 2014 - 19:45
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

The date repeat widgets have been removed to keep users from trying to change repeating dates into non-repeating dates.
There are now just three widgets, Date Select, Date Text, and Date Popup. Whether or not a date is a repeating date
is now controlled by a field setting.

New Features/UX Changes/API Changes

- Issue #1304056 by DamienMcKenna, Add option to date_difference to indicate direction of difference.
- Issue #1238660, Add custom format option for the date format used in summary arguments.
- Issue #1038482 by somanyfish, iCal import failing due to colon instead of semi-colon
- Issue #1252952 by eosrei: Make "all day" checkbox configurable on a per field instance basis.
- Issue #1266144 by arlinsandbulte: Clarify Default End Date Setting
- Issue #1261478 by stevector and KarenS, Reconfigure the back/next buttons into item lists so Views ajax pager works right.
- Issue #1262960, Add a new module to work with the Context module to set a condition based on the value of a date field.
- Issue #1216878, Re-introduce 'repeat' as a field setting rather than a widget type so people can't try to switch back and forth between repeating and non-repeating dates. Eliminate repeat widgets.


- Issue #1280658 and follow up to Issue #1238660 by KarenS and tockliasteroid, Rework the format control over the summary title and apply it to the title() callback.
- Issue #1276622 by ArtistConk, Make sure Except date contains no default value.
- Issue #1153766 by fago, More work on the entity property setters and getters.
- Issue #1331214, Make sure Date Migrate properly handles empty date values.
- Issue #1285224, Make sure Date Migrate works for importing repeating dates now that widgets have changed.
- Issue #1162290, Make sure date for example formats avoids confusing short and long month names.
- Re-organize handling of custom date formats.
- Issue #1122038, Make sure empty values are not passed to Views to be themed for repeating dates.
- Issue #1101284 by pfournier, Expand regex for Month names to catch more possible variations.
- Issue #1343406 by slashrsm, add back the caching of the views fields list.
- Issue #1302374 by miro_dietiker, Account for an inconsistency in core handling of non-existant date formats.
- Issue #1344014 by James Sharpe, Get rid of 'Repeats every 0 days' description.
- Issue #1302212, Change the way default dates using custom code are created.
- Issue #1292898, Check for all day checkbox in the basic date element validation so empty time for newly added elements still passes validation.
- Issue #1252952 follow up, Move checkbox setting to the same spot where time is set, and don't show option on dates without time.
- Issue #1335818 by joelpitter, Don't create a date for empty values in the date getters and setters.
- Issue #1271726, Keep default_value out of exposed form so it won't show up in pager.
- Issue #1017866, Fix miscellaneous problems where filter/argument incorrectly do timezone adjustment.
- Issue #1103032, Attempt to add setters to date entity metadata so Rules can use them.
- Issue #1153766, Adapt metadata functions to the pattern in the current Entity code, add $info to the getters.
- Issue #1278876 by, Typo in date.css
- Issue #752550 by Fonant, Week number gets printed twice
- Issue #1052586 by jpsolero, Problem with Date API when using Calendar with argument set to "Week" granularity and "current date" default argument
- Issue #1266144, End date same as start date default not being respected.
- Issue #1239934 by casey, Fix javascript exception in date_year_range.js.
- Issue #1310558, Don't show extra label on exposed date filter.
- Fix bug in Date Popup that still uses the current date when the default date is empty.
- Issue #1335578 by aaronbauman, Make it possible to pass in +/- 1000 years to years back/forward.
- Issue #1292516 by mcarbone, Fix Uninitialized string offset in Date Migrate.
- Issue #1084980 by jwilson3, Set default value for $granularity to be array in date_formatter_format.
- Issue #1227350 by grendzy, Summary view should not be calling date_forbid().
- Issue #1286570, Fix undefined index error caused by using a remember value without checking if it exists.
- Issue #1337440 by phoenix, Fix syntax error in vcalendar tpl file.
- Issue #1103032, Add plain date formatter and set it to be the default token formatter.
- Issue #1177684 by tim.plunket, Fix typo in last commit.
- Issue #1177684, Wrong translation of short month name.
- Issue #1201342 by colinlee and alexprv, Comment out SQLSVR timezone adjustment until it gets fixed properly.
- Issue #1308274 by sneyerst, SQL Server DATEPART function cannot accept composed datetime formats.
- Issue #1308266 by sneyerst, Fix arithmetic overflow in SQLSVR.
- Issue #1333104 by tim.plunkett, Check that $field['settings'] exists in date_is_repeat_field().
- Error message for years back and forward doesn't match new labels, should be Starting year and Ending year.
- Issue #1179715, Switch drupal_array_get_nested_value() to use 'values' instead of 'input', where it makes sense, and simplify some of this code.
- Issue #1179715, Create a helper function for testing hidden/disabled dates and test each date element and validator to skip processing in that case.
- Issue #1179715, When hidden by #access=FALSE, repeating date fields were getting removed and not replaced.
- Issue #1179715, By pass date repeat widget processing and validation when element is hidden from user.
- Issue #1179715, Don't do timezone adjustments in the widget, wait for #process so we can skip it when the date field has been hidden by #access.
- Issue #1338194, Logic for creating end date wasn't taking into account the possibility that a field might have no value2.
- Issue #1179715, Default value callback for the timezone widget was not returning an array.
- Issue #1179716, Remove value_callback for date_repeat and date_combo forms, the default behavior works fine.
- Issue #1178716 by das-peter, Use drupal_array_get_nested_value() in Date Repeat instead of trying to find it manually.
- Issue #1178716 by das-peter and KarenS, Tweak the date repeat widget to identify empty input when used on nodes with translation.
- Issue #1178716 by das-peter and KarenS, Fix date repeat form values that are not arrays when hidden on a node that has translation.
- Issue #1178176 by das-peter, Fix date_combo_value_callback to return NULL to avoid data lost on untranslatable dates used with Entity Translation.
- Date Context module was making incorrect assumptions about the $language of the field.
- Issue #1237974, Schema module wants the datetime column to be lower case.
- Issue #1233084, fix a few places that were wrapping $instance['label'] with t().
- Issue #1188380 by Xen and jherencia, use #title instead of field['label'] in date display because that has the i18n translation.
- Issue #1330768 by das-peter, remove whitespace.
- Tweak date_pager_url to allow a way to create non-absolute urls.
- Make sure deleted displays won't create errors in Views by returning FALSE in date_forbid() if there is no date argument.
- Issue #1257830, Beef up the logic when creating the date repeat tabs to work for more kinds of entities.
- Issue #1260962, Repeating date fields should save the date even if there is no repeat information.
- Issue #1241836 by kzoli, Fix undefined cardinality indexes.
- Issue #1233722, Fix undefined index notice in pager when other filters are used.