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This commit Renamed the Image system's 'path' attribute to 'uri', to maintain consistency with this similar change introduced within the File API.

This change is reflected in image objects. Contrib modules which referenced the 'path' key of an image object in D7 need to reference the corresponding 'uri' key in D8.

You know you're hitting this if calls to theme_image() return a broken link pointing to the site's root URL.

Drupal 7

return theme('image', array('path' => 'misc/arrow-asc.png', 'width' => 13, 'height' => 13, 'alt' => t('sort ascending'), 'title' => t('sort ascending')));

Drupal 8

return theme('image', array('uri' => 'core/misc/arrow-asc.png', 'width' => 13, 'height' => 13, 'alt' => t('sort ascending'), 'title' => t('sort ascending')));
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There was a suggestion in the original issue that perhaps the key should be 'src' instead. A new issue should be opened to discuss this proposal.