Using the Rules module, I'm trying to collect and store user profile info during checkout with Drupal Commerce. I've made a custom checkout pane (using Fieldgroup and Commerce Fieldgroup Panes) that will gather user info and save it inside of their user profile.

What I'd like to do is have a checkbox in my custom pane that asks if the user's profile info is the same as their billing info. With Conditional Fields, I was able to make a dependency that asks if the checkbox is checked, to hide the profile fields (picture attached). But on checkout, the fields do not hide as expected. I've tested to make sure the module works with another basic content type that is unrelated to Drupal Commerce, and it works perfectly. The fields hide as the checkbox is selected.

Does Conditional Fields have a problem working with:

a) Fieldgroup?
b) Commerce Fieldgroup Panes?
c) Is it related with this issue: ?

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Oops. Forgot to attach the image...

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

looks like a dup of #1270268: Conditional Fields does not work with Commerce checkout profile fields - feel free to reopen when this is wrong

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Status: Closed (duplicate) » Active

rethinking, i'm not so sure...

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Title: Does not work with custom Commerce fieldgroup panes » Conditional Fields does not work with custom Commerce fieldgroup panes
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I tried running the patch in #1270268 with the current dev version, but the patch failed, presumably because it was for an older release.

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this is still an issue. The conditional fields work fine with field groups and on other content types. Fields in separate panes fail work with conditionals even when on the same page (if in same field group pane, things work fine).