The project page says this is still being worked on so I'm not sure if this is a known issue or not - but thumbnails aren't showing up for YouTube when you choose that option. Yes, I have an API key and have put it in, so I'm not sure what the problem could be if this is supposed to be working now or not...


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Im also wondering about this, I cannot get thumbnails for youtube to work ( I have api key).

I see no way to add thmbs to a teaser, its just full video.

Is there anyway you can document this module a little better its unclear if this is even availible or being worked on.

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Yeah even though it looks like others have gotten this to work, I am not seeing thumbnails from youtube as well. Here are my config steps:

Created youtube account
My Account > Account Settings > Developer Profile > enter required fields including password (secret)

Download and install Video CCK module

Home » Administer » Content management
Video CCK configuration
Check Allow videos from YouTube
Enter your YouTube API Key
YouTube API Secret

Home » Administer » Content management > Content types
Add content type
Add field for video cck
Configure field
youtube as provider is checked
video preview size left as default
Thumbnail I tried all choices (random, first, second, all, etc)

> Display field
label hidden
teaser: image thumbnail
full: default

and no thumbnails....

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sorry; i changed a piece of code w/o testing a couple of weeks ago. works now. also added text thumbnails when no thumbnail available for now.

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Great works now!

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