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All Drupal core modules, themes, scripts, libraries, includes, and text files have been moved to a "/core" subdirectory of the Drupal repository with the exception of these files/directories:

  • profiles
  • sites
  • .htaccess
  • example.gitignore
  • authorize.php
  • index.php
  • install.php
  • README.txt
  • robots.txt
  • web.config

Placement of non-core modules and themes

  • Following this change, contributed and custom modules can now be placed in the modules/ folder in the root of the Drupal installation, and contributed and custom themes can be placed in the similar themes/ folder.
  • This differs from Drupal 7 and earlier, where these folders were used for core modules and themes.
  • The sites/all/modules/ and sites/all/themes/ folders can also still be used, as can site-specific subdirectories.
  • The core/modules/ and core/themes/ directories should never be used for contributed or custom modules.

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